RN online house style

prime minister Link to this term

Kevin Rudd is the prime minister of Australia. David Cameron is England's prime minister. If we were transcribing an interview we might write, 'Fran Kelly: Good morning, Prime Minister...' because there the term is being used as a form of address, but for descriptive purposes, as in 'Fran Kelly spoke to the prime minister this morning,' we use lower case.

Professor Link to this term

write in full, (not Prof) when part of a title: Professor John Smith. Lower case to describe job: John Smith, professor of linguistics at... Upper case if part of endowed professorship: John Smith is Arthur C Clarke Professor of space studies at...

numbers Link to this term

In body copy spell out numbers from one to ten, then use numerals. Spell out all numbers at start of sentence (Forty-eight people were injured...) In headings, though, numerals are fine for everything. For thousands and millions upwards: 3,000, 500,000, 2 million, 8 billion... abbreviate in headings to 2b, 8m with discretion.

quotation marks Link to this term

also known as inverted commas, or quotes. Single quotation marks is RN's preferred usage, with double quotation marks inside single ones when quoting within a quote.

president Link to this term

When referring to presidential office, as in 'the current president is George W Bush' then it's lower case. When the word is used as a title as in 'President Bush left the White House', then capitalise.

plain English Link to this term

for example, we prefer begin or start to the rather pompous commence; buy to the equally pompous purchase.

inverted commas Link to this term

also called quotation marks, or quote marks. Our house style is to use single quotation marks everywhere except for quotes within quotes.

headings Link to this term

please use newspaper headline style, with the first word capitalised but the rest lower-cased. 'Lebanon update', not 'Lebanon Update'; 'Live concert from Port Fairy', not 'Live Concert From Port Fairy'.

government Link to this term

Australian government, federal government, state government, the government, Howard government, Rudd government ... Commonwealth government

federal Link to this term

lower case when not part of an official title. So it's 'at state and federal levels...' or 'that's funded by the federal government'.