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T-shirt, teeshirt Link to this term
T-square Link to this term
talent names Link to this term

please check spelling carefully before publishing

Tampa facts Link to this term

Tampa, as the name of a Norwegian freighter, needs italics.
The captain's name: Arne Rinnan. The Indonesian ferry that sank: Palapa 1.

targeted, targeting Link to this term
tariff Link to this term
Taser Link to this term

acronym for Thomas A Swift's Electric Rifle

task Link to this term

'...a new study tasked with judging the results of these programs...' There is no such verb as to task except in the worst management-speak dictionaries. Even if there were, the study itself couldn't have been 'tasked', only the authors thereof. So we need this rewrite: '...a new study looking at the results of these programs...'

Tasmania Link to this term

Tas, Tassie

taut, taught Link to this term

a taut psychological thriller ... I was taught that at school

tautology Link to this term

saying the same thing twice using different words, as in '...closing the case means it won't be re-examined again.' Either 're-examined' or 'examined again' Not both. Other tautologies often found: 'And also we speak to...' '8.30 am Thursday morning...' 'new innovation'.

Tchaikovsky Link to this term
tea-tree Link to this term

but teacup, teabag, teapot, teaspoon

temperature Link to this term

30C (85F) for oven temperatures and weather ... you can spell it out, as in '40-degree heat' or 'it must have been 40 degrees in there' but don't bother with the little round degree symbol.

tenet Link to this term

'a basic tenet of the therapeutic community movement is that people are responsible for themselves...' Nothing to do with tenants, please...

tenpin bowling Link to this term

'tenpin' is one word

tenterhooks Link to this term

on tenterhooks (not tender hooks)

territory, territories Link to this term

should not be capitalised except in Northern Territory (NT) or Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

thank you Link to this term

two words

that or who Link to this term

In this example from our website, the use of 'that' seems strange. I would like people that are making the budget decisions to realise the importance of... Use 'who' when talking about people.

the: when to capitalise the definite article Link to this term
when the definite article forms part of an official title as in:
  • the official title of a newspaper like The Times, The Australian
  • the official title of a film, program or book like The Science Show, The Sense of an Ending

​but not  when the definite article is part of: 

  • a band name like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • a festival, institution or group like the Sydney Writers' Festival, the Courtauld Institute
there's Link to this term

'There's been reports of looting...' In rapid speech this might pass, but in formal writing we need agreement between verb and noun phrase — 'There have been reports of looting.'

Thermos Link to this term

trademark, so capitalise

they Link to this term

using 'they' to avoid s/he or 'he or she' in gender-sensitive writing is accepted, even when you're referring to one person.

thin end of the wedge Link to this term

not thin edge of the wedge

think-tank Link to this term
thirtysomething, twentysomething Link to this term

one word, but 30-something, 40-something hyphenated

thousands Link to this term

news feeds traditionally spell out thousand numbers as '30 thousand' for extra clarity. This is useful for a radio script but should be re-written for online publication as 30,000.

throes Link to this term

...the Obama administration is in the final throes of deciding... not throws

Tiananmen Square Link to this term

1989 massacre

times of day Link to this term

use am and pm or morning and afternoon/evening. Never both at once. Use numerals and In formal writing put a space between the time and pm/am: 6.30 pm, 7 am.

Times, The Link to this term

The Times is the original national daily published in the UK. Others include The New York Times, The Irish Times, and The Times of India. But there's no such paper as The London Times, even though New Yorkers may refer to it that way. If you want to be specific, better to write 'the UK Times', with only 'Times' in italics.

titles of books, songs etc Link to this term

Please do not use all-caps for titles, names, or anything else—it's too much like shouting. Book, play, TV or radio show and film titles appear in italics and song, article, poem or short story titles appear in single inverted commas.

toboggan Link to this term
toll Link to this term

a disaster might simply take its toll on a vulnerable community

ton, tonne Link to this term

imperial unit of mass (ton) approximately 1016 kilograms; metric unit of mass (tonne) 1000 kilograms. There are adjustments to do with long or short tons in shipping but for general use, ton and tonne are very close. Speakers from the US say ton, and those from Europe say tonne.

too many to's Link to this term

'...he also wants each country to commit to an ambitious strategy to replant forests to lock up carbon.' This particular mix of prepositions and infinitives makes for a very spiky sentence. Replacing just one 'to' with an 'of' will help: '...he also wants each country to commit to an ambitious strategy of replanting forests to lock up carbon.'

tort Link to this term

legal term

torte Link to this term

German tart

tragicomedy Link to this term

not tragic-comedy

tragicomic Link to this term
transsexual Link to this term

double S

traveller Link to this term

(American spelling is traveler)

trouper Link to this term

as in 'what a trouper' ... but swear like a trooper

tsunami, tsunamis Link to this term

caused by underwater earthquake, not the same as a tidal wave

turnaround Link to this term

one word, as in 'signs of a turnaround'

TV, TVs Link to this term

no apostrophe, please ... same goes for CDs, MPs and so on

twelfth Link to this term
Twenty20 cricket Link to this term
tyre Link to this term

(American spelling is tire)

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