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UGC Link to this term

user-generated content

UK Link to this term

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain means England, Wales and Scotland

unarguable Link to this term

not inarguable

uncharted, unchartered Link to this term

'uncharted waters' is often used as a metaphor for anything new, untried, unfamiliar, and with the implication of unknown dangers ahead. 'Unchartered', however, is used less often, as an adjective meaning without regulation or laws—so best not to confuse the two.

Unesco Link to this term

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

unique Link to this term

not very unique or quite unique or any other qualifier. Unique can only stand alone because it means 'the one-and-only'.

until Link to this term

short form is till, not 'til

up to date, up-to-date Link to this term

you're up to date in your work, but work in an up-to-date way

upcoming, up-and-coming Link to this term

the 'upcoming' Golden Globes means they'll be here soon. The 'up-and-coming' Golden Globes are becoming well known and successful, which is probably not what you mean.

URL Link to this term

Uniform Resource Locator, or website address

US, USA Link to this term

no punctuation

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